Australian Internet Content Filtering Complaint

I have just sent the following letter to Mr Stephen Conroy’s office as per the email address on their web site.

I will post up the reply if and when I receive one.

Mr Conroy,

I would like to identify my extreme objection to your planned internet filtering project.  Not only does your plan unfairly impact the vast majority of people who voted for your party, including myself, but it just wont work.  I have requested a formal response below.

Incase your head is buried so deep in the sand, I point you to this article:,139023754,339292158,00.htm

I am an IT worker and web developer, and my objection is so extreme that it calls into question wether I would like to live in this country anymore.  Your plan goes against everything that I believe makes Australia great, especially our freedoms, rationality, and common sense approach to things.  Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on a plan that is universally being objected, especially when your government (I no longer want to call it mine, even though I voted for it) already provides a simple, workable, and realistic filtering solution to us all with existing software?

I have emailed you on a number of occasions clearly identifying mine (and others) extreme objection to your planned internet content filtering, but as yet have not received even a brushoff templated email.

I request that you send me a formal written response to this within a reasonable timeframe, telling me why you are still progressing with this project when three of the largest ISPs in Australia including Telstra, Internote, and iiNet, all clearly object to the plan and claim that it is unworkable.  I would also like to know why you are progressing with it when it will clearly fail to block truly inappropriate content, and will block content that is considered acceptable.  Also, I would like to know why you believe that this is something that the MAJORITY of Australians want, not just a few narrow minded lobby groups with their own agenda.  Finally, I would like to know if you plan to futher restrict the internet (if this filtering is put in place) based on the afore mentioned lobby groups.

Thank you,


Puppy Tortured and Killed

This is beyond words…

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I don’t care how mentally fucked up they are, Trent William Cunniffe and Jonathon Connor Blake should rot in hell after what they did.  Give the two of them as much leniancy and care as they gave that puppy…. none.