Show Me Your Genitals

Benny put me on to a few funny people / things on youtube!

Firstly, I kinda dismissed Tom Green as a bit of a douche bag but apparently he is a top skater, AND it seems he can rap like a mutha fucka!  He Ownz Xzibit in an impromtu rap comp.

Another really funny guy is Jon La Joie.  You have to watch his YouTube videos, partuicularly “Show Me Your Genitals“, “Everyday Normal Guy“, and “Rapist Glasses

You also have to check out the Extreme Sheep Herding… very well done

Oh – if you want to save youtube videos, just paste their link in to this site ( which will give you a download link.  You will need to use something like Media Player Classic to watch it though.


If you havent seen Wall-E, then you HAVE to see it.  Good for any age… artistic, happy, fun, and even a little romantic.

What I dont get is that it is out for sale on Blueray and DVD in the USA, but it isn’t here (Australia) until January 2009?!  With Christmas coming up it would have been a great seller, but no, the stupid companies that release this stuff didn’t think about it.  I looked at ordering it from the USA but with the exchange rate its too expensive.  And then they bitch about people downloading stuff?!