What I Have Learned So Far…

I thought I would start recording all the things I have learned about life, maybe in an effort to clear my head a bit.  Maybe as a bit of an experiment… Also a way to vent my frustrations at the world… whatever the reason, here they are.  In no particular order…

  1. People are selfish and rude
  2. Not everyone is selfish and rude, but most are.  A few will surprise you
  3. Ignorance really is bliss
  4. No matter how much you try to prepare for something, something you hadn’t thought of will almost always happen
  5. People are deluded and do not live in reality
  6. Living in reality sucks, and thus why people delude themselves
  7. The world isnt as nice and as good as people will have you believe
  8. Most people take and dont give
  9. When someone strenuously objects to something, its usually because its true
  10. People often project their problems onto others (Transference)
  11. If you want to see the worst in people, go for a drive when traffic is busiest
  12. If you want to see the best in people, look at a disaster, war, or other tragedy.  Difficulty, trouble, and adversity seems to bring people together.
  13. People like drama and trouble, and thats why ‘Reality TV’ is popular
  14. There is no one path in life, everyone has their own, and some are easier than others
  15. Dont judge someone too quickly, but trust your instincts
  16. People love to talk about themselves, and don’t want to hear about you very often
  17. If you are nice to others, and helpful, you will get used by most people
  18. Women are selfish, ambiguous, confusing, have no idea of their emotions
  19. Complimenting people just makes them arrogant and self centered, and you will not be appreciated or respected for it.  You will just get used.
  20. Everyone lies, even to those that may matter.
  21. The few who do not lie do not get respected for it
  22. People mostly only care about themselves.  If they care about someone else, its only usually only to pad their own ego
  23. Love makes you vulnerable and weak, and you will be exploited for it, or it will be thrown in your face