Maybe NSW Would Prefer Carrier Pigeons to the NBN?

I used to be amazed at the lack of thought and forward planning demonstrated by Australian politicians, but now Im just saddened and disappointed that such narrow minded backwards thinking has been elected to state government in NSW.  Apparently, the newly elected O’Farrell Coalition Government has Banned the National Broadband Network (NBN), which could spell disaster for the rest of the country.  When will all the idiots out there realise that we are lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to our internet infrastructure.

Just to get the petty stuff out of the way…. why the hell have they even said “Banned”?  What, is the government going to scourge the land search for anyone who may have a fiber optic connection, and send them to jail for it?  What sensationalist narrow minded bullshit.

Do politicians even know what an internet connection is?  Stephen Conroy continually proves he has no clue about his own portfolio as Communications Minister.  Don’t they realise, that while fiber may be an expensive initial outlay, it will give us capability to transfer data at very high speeds, for a very long time to come.  Instead the shortsighted wankers will feed bucket loads of cash to Telstra and competing telcos, to patch up and already dated network.  What do they care – they will most likely be out of office in 4 years, so it wont be their problem.

So, to really hammer the point home (because it seems people’s heads are so far up their arses they cannot hear anything but their own voice), there are 43 countries around the world with a faster and probably much better quality service.  These countries include many obscure places you would probably think are third world – like Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine, Ghana, Faroe Islands, Vietnam… need I keep going?

Also, do any of these self serving assholes have kids?  You only have to walk down the street and see all the mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc in use these days.  Do the politicians not realise that our kids are growing up with an internet connection in their hands.  Each one of them will be streaming video, music, etc, and as more and more people become “internet savvy”, and more of these online services become available (would anyone like to see Hulu in Australia?), our already bogged down network will be brought to its knees due to lack of foresight.

Here are a few stats:

  • Number of Connections:  We are #11 when it comes to the number of people connected to the internet.
  • Speed: We are listed as #44 in the world, on this site.  Our internet connections are that much slower than everyone else listed.
  • We are approximately 7% below the average world internet speed
  • Our average internet speed is approximately 75% SLOWER than the top performing country – South Korea
  • Also in terms of speed, the average of the top 10 countries is 24.24 Mbps (Mega Bits Per Second).  Australia’s average is 8.01 Mbps.
  • We are approximately 67% SLOWER than the average of the top 10 countries in terms of internet speed.

As the saying goes, we get the government we deserve.  Seems we deserve as backwards thinking, narrow minded, ignorant government.

Do you still think Australia is “the lucky country”?  If you consider #44 in the world to be lucky then I’d love to have some of what you are smoking.

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