Guitar Hero Addict

Guitar Hero 3 Well – it may as well be official.  I’m another statistic in the count of Guitar Hero Addicts out there.  I have had access to a guitar for just over a week (thanks to Teharney!) which has resulted in a fair chunk of my spare time being spent getting through the “Easy” stages and then wading my way through the “Medium” difficulty songs.  Now my own knockoff guitar controller has arrived from Hong Kong.

Given that there has been an Australian wide shortage of genuine guitars since before Christmas, I am guessing I’m not the only one who has discovered the joy (? Frustration maybe!) of clicking coloured buttons in time to music classics.

I feel justified by this, when all local retailers do not have stock of the PS2 controller, and even most popular online retailers like GameHead are out of stock. 

I have one friend, Aaron, who refuses to pick up a controller and try the game as he has seen first hand the addictive properties of this demonic time sucking pasttime.  He knows first hand, he works in retail and his store has the game on display.  They actually had to relocate it from the entrance as it caused congestion for customers entering the store.

Now I just have to get through “medium”…

New Member to My Family!

DSCF0073.JPG Well, after weeks and weeks of visitng the RSPCA to find a friend for Miki, I have found one.  I have named him Brian after the dog in Family Guy.  It was amazing to see how well he and Miki got along, especially after her showing no interest in all the other dogs I tried to introduce her to. 

He is a really sweet dog and is a bit of a sook.  I think he is a Buddist because he loves to use passive resistance when he doesnt want to do something (he turns into a big lump that I have to pick up when I want him to go into his crate). 

[Pictures of Miki and Brian]

Home Renovations

DSCF0084.JPG I tried to sell my house but people were scared off by the pumping station and easement next door. So,  given that I am now keeping my house I have decided to put some money into renovations.

Firstly, I have put in a Spa and Sauna.  Secondly, I have been rendering some walls (the torturous job of making your walls look like one big textured cement slab). 

Next, the plan is to get a driveway and carport put in the house.

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