Adult ADHD

This is where I will be putting information on understanding what is ADHD, how to diagnose ADHD, and how to manage ADHD. My particular focus will be on Adult diagnosed ADHD, especially because there is a lack of information and understanding on this in the broader community.

Question Understanding Adult ADHD
What is ADHD? How does ADHD Present?

Wonder emoji Diagnosing Adult ADHD
Do I have ADHD? How is it diagnosed? How can I get diagnosed?

Juggling Managing Adult ADHD
Tips and information on how to manage ADHD

Support ADHD Support for Adults
Where to go for more advice and information

entertainment ADHD in Entertainment
Songs, Comedy, etc, related (maybe obliquely!) to ADHD

Benefits icon Benefits of Having ADHD
ADHD isn’t all bad! There are some great positives too

Note: I am by no means an expert, or experienced with understanding ADHD from an academic or even a personal perspective. I do have 50 years of experience in knowing what it is like to remain undiagnosed, and not understood. I am very much in the early days (2024), learning as I go, and am even still working out my medications.

But I am intelligent, do have a science degree, and have been very analytical and self aware my whole life. I enjoyed doing help desk and tutoring work, amongst other things. Those combined with my recent ADHD diagnosis, has given me a fairly unique perspective, that I hope to use to try and help others avoid the pain, pitfalls, doubts, and many other trials that I have been through in my life.