Managing Adult ADHD


  • Caffeine: Always check with your doctor before using large doses of caffeine. 30mg is approximately an instant coffee or strong tea. I used 100mg per day, then upped it to 200mg per day (90kg Male Adult) when I started getting more tolerant. The Recommended Daily allowance for an adult is 400mg per day. Available cheap here.
  • Note: Limit your caffeine intake if / once you are on ADHD medication.
    Note: After starting ADHD medication, I noticed that the caffeine I had been taking was more taxing on my body than the proper ADHD medication.
  • L-Tyrosine: I found this supplement also helps, though not as effective as caffeine. I took this daily too. Available cheap here. Here is an article talking about it.
  • Meditation: (more info to come)
  • Diet: Drink plenty of water, and cut back on sugar
  • Exercise: (more info to come)
  • Sleep: (more info to come)
  • Eat more protein when I get sugar cravings. Eg. small tins of tuna, muesli bars, salami sticks, etc.
  • I also like dried cranberries as a lower sugar treat
  • Fidget toys: (more info to come)
  • Article: Cold showers improve dopamine levels!
  • Tip: Fingerprint deadlock (more info to come)
  • Tip: sprinkler timers (more info to come)
  • Tip: Smartwatch (more info to come)


(coming soonish)

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