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Rest Relax Reminder Icon Rest Relax Reminder is a FREE Windows alarm application that you can use to time breaks from the computer screen (or any device or activity). This program can be set to detect when you are working, and will adjust itsself accordingly. This will ensure that the times that Rest Relax Reminder suggests you take a break are when you really need one.

And, you can set the Rest Relax Reminder application to show a screen encouraging you to take a break, and show a helpful quote and a random image (from your own picture library). The reminder screen can be forced too, so you cannot keep working until your rest time is over.

The Relax Relax Reminder application will be made Open Source once it is complete and fully tested. Until then, please contact me via the comments below if you would like a copy of the code.


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Latest Version RC (16/Jun/2019)
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Rest Relax Reminder Application SettingsRest Relax Reminder Application Popup SettingsRRR QuotesRRR Statistics
Rest Relax Reminder Application Rest Screen


  • Time Rests based on your preferences
  • Time a Long Rest after a chosen number of Rests
  • Choose how to display / notify you of the Rest
    • Popup window which will show full screen and force you to either wait for the rest to end, or to choose to skip it
    • Balloon reminder which is less intrusive
  • Popup Rests can be set to show a random image, from a folder of pictures
  • Rests will show a randomly chosen Quote
  • Quotes can be edited, added, deleted
  • Sounds or music can be chosen to play to mark the start of a rest, during the rest, when the rest ends, and as a warning when a Long Rest is due to start
  • Set the reminders to only happen on chosen days, and between chosen times, if desired
  • Detect when you are using the mouse and keyboard, and automatically adjust the next Rest time so that you are not annoyed by unnecessary Rests
  • View statistics about how many Rests and Long Rests you take, as well as how much you have worked, and skipped Rests

Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 7. .NET 4.7.2 or later.

Possible Enhancements

  • None – Suggest one in the comments below

Known Issues

  • None Known

Change History 2019-06-16 RC
* Added missing Help tips
* Added option to disable Quotes
* More statistics calculations fixes
* Set a default Reminder PopUp image 2019-06-13 RC
* Fixed problem with tracking activity – in some combos of actions it would stop tracking
* Added visual indicator for when the app is tracking mouse/keyboard activity
* UI Improvements / fixes
* Bug fixes
* Updated .NET to 4.7.2 2019-06-05 RC
* Added error handling
* Minor bugs and UI improvements 2019-06-04 BETA.
* LOTS!! Rewrote and cleaned app
* Cleaned up code
* Testing 2017-12-01 BETA.
* Created

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