Diagnosing Adult ADHD

Wonder emojiThe Plan” for Getting Assessed for ADHD: This is my advice on what steps to follow for getting working out if you have ADHD

  • Website: Heywise ADHD Test – The best free online test I have found so far
  • Article: Recognising Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Private ADHD Assessment Akkadian Australia
  • Document template: Write a list of your symptoms that may indicate ADHD. Take this list to your GP and/or psychologist to talk it over with them, and get a referral for assessment.
  • Website / PDF: Guideline Factsheet For people with lived experience of ADHD – Information for clinicians and patients on the identification, diagnosis, treatment and support for people with ADHD in Australia. This should give you more information on what your GP (etc) will look for and how they might manage it.
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