Windows 10 “Enter Network Credentials” Error When Access File Shares [PROPER FIX!]

Okay, first of all, we need to be clear about the setup… I have a PC and a laptop, both running Windows 10 Pro. The PC is the Server, the Laptop is the client / user’s PC. Both of them are using my Microsoft account to log in, and I use my PIN on both. The Client is of course trying to access shared files on the Server.

It seems if you have the setup as described (particularly if you are using a PIN to log in), then this fix should help if you get the error “Enter Network Credentials” when trying to access shared files.  I tried heaps of other fixes, but none of them worked.

TL;DR:  Create a local account on the Server, then simply use that account to log in from the Client. I’m a bit surprised that this wasn’t already suggested somewhere (maybe it has and I missed it!).

I’ll get to fleshing out the specific instructions at some point….


Cleaning Up LastPass – One Year In

I’ve been running LastPass for just over a year now, and if you are like me and you have added lots of passwords, but haven’t ever run a Security Challenge, then read on, because I can save you stepping into the same issues that I encountered, and maybe make the tidy up of your passwords fairly painless.

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of my “before” Security Challenge results. Needless to say it was bad. I had about 3 passwords used across many sites, as well as one of them also being my master password. Additionally, I hadn’t changed any passwords since I added my sites to LastPass. All of the score values were in the red (I have about 85 passwords in my database too).

This is my current score and results.  A big difference after a couple of hours of work.  You can see the red warning symbols in the steps below – they look worse than they appear.   Ill explain below.

Some important explanations and information before we proceed:

  1. Some of these Steps will have Change with one click / Auto-Change Password options. This is where you can tick the entries to change, and simply click on the Update Now button to have LastPass automatically go in to each site and change your passwords to a randomly generated password, and update those entries in LastPass with the new passwords.
  2. The Auto-Change Passwords doesn’t always work! I have found it works with the big and popular sites (eBay, Amazon, etc), but don’t use it on other sites.  Also, do not close the page or browser while its working – give it time to complete (10 minutes?).
  3. You can also click on the Launch Site button to open up the website for each given password entry.  Once there, you can go through the process of updating your password.  LastPass should see this happen, and when you click on save/update/change password it should ask you if you want to update the password entry with the new password.  This doesn’t always work either!
  4. If your LastPass database get out of whack (the password saved does not match whats on the site), edit the entry, and click on the clock looking icon to the right of the Password box.  This will show the password history.  Hopefully one of the older ones still works.
  5. Be prepared to use the “retrieve lost password” function on a few sites, if you make mistakes like I did.
  6. You probably will not be able to fix all of the issues listed in the Security Challenge results.  Ie. I have a few sites that log in with a combination of text and a pin, rather than a typical password.  LastPass views these as Weak Passwords, but there is no way to fix this unless the site changes it’s security / password process.
  7. I have a few Change Reused Passwords entries too.  I kept a few sites the same, and they are ones I need to be able to recall easily at various times.  Ie. Steam often asks for verification by re-entering the password on restarts.  Some games require a login and I prefer it to be easy enough to recall.  TBH, this is a poor practice, and I would be better off changing them all to be unique, but that’s for another day.
  8. You might wonder why LastPass does not work well on some sites, and why I’ve said above that some things do not work.  That’s a bit simplistic on my part. As a developer, I can imagine the complexity and variety of websites out there that have different ways of managing logins and security, and LastPass has to be told (by the people who make it) how to better manage each these new websites.  It is a very difficult thing to get working on all websites.

Given that there are sometimes issues with these more automatic functions, here is the process I found was easiest and most painless:

  1. Note: These are general steps, and will vary from site to site.
  2. Start up your web browser of choice, and open the LastPass Vault via the add-on/plug-in/extension.
  3. Run the Security Challenge, and be prepared to get a really bad score (or you are already here because you have run it, and have seen the results).
  4. Note: Do not close the Vault and Security Challenge pages.
  5. Security Challenge’s Improve Your Score area: Click on each Step to open up the list of entries. Compromised Passwords are your passwords that have been used in any leak from various website hacks. This will hopefully be small. If you want to know about what hack they each were involved with, click on the grey information icon. The other steps should be pretty self explanatory.
  6. Click on the Launch Site button next to the entry you want to improve. Hopefully the link you have on that entry is correct, and it will open up the login page for that site. If not, find the correct page, then go back to your Vault and find the entry, edit it, and update the webpage link. Don’t forget to save any changes you make.  Note: This will not make the Security Challenge Launch Site link work – but next time you run the challenge, it will be.
  7. With the website open, log in with your existing information, then find the Change Password link / area.  This will probably be in an area called something like Account Settings, Security, Profile, User Details etc.
  8. Right Click on any part of the main window, and choose LastPass -> Generate Secure Password. Keep this tab open too.
  9. This generator tool will let you set rules about the password it is generating, and the red Refresh button will randomly generate a new password with those rules.
  10. Click Refresh, then highlight the new password, and Copy it (right click -> Copy, or CTRL+C).
  11. Go back to the website’s tab where you are changing the password.
  12. Paste the new password into the New Password box (right click -> Paste, or CTRL+V)
  13. Also Paste it into the Confirm Password box
  14. If it has a requirement to supply your old password (it should), use the icon/symbol in the text box to get the current password from the Vault.
  15. Check for any errors. Some sites will automatically tell you, other will only let you know when you Update / Save the new password.
  16. Press the Update / Save button and check for any more errors.
  17. If you encounter a problem, see what it says, and adjust the Generator settings to suit, and go back to Step 10 above. Do not forget that you should change the settings back before generating another password for the next site.  The default settings are very good for security.  Only, I did find a few sites that particularly did not like symbol characters ($%#&^% etc).
  18. If it is all good, then LastPass should pop up an option to update your entry with the new password.  Again, this may not always happen. If it does not happen, go to Step 19. Otherwise you are done for this site. Go to Step 6.
  19. If you have to update the LastPass entry manually, go to the Vault tab, find the entry, and click on the Pencil / Edit button.
  20. Highlight the existing password (shown as a line of dots), and Paste the new password in here (remember, it was copied to the clipboard in step 10).
  21. Click Save, and the tab should close, and LastPass will update the password.

Do this for all of the entries in each Step of the Security Challenge’s Improve Your Score area.

After you have made a bunch of changes, re-run the Security Challenge and see how much of a difference these changes have made.  I did this a few times to keep up my motivation to work through the list.

Having done that, a fair chunk of your passwords should be updated, and your Security Challenge Score should be a lot healthier.

Get started with LastPass today! 😀

Maybe NSW Would Prefer Carrier Pigeons to the NBN?

I used to be amazed at the lack of thought and forward planning demonstrated by Australian politicians, but now Im just saddened and disappointed that such narrow minded backwards thinking has been elected to state government in NSW.  Apparently, the newly elected O’Farrell Coalition Government has Banned the National Broadband Network (NBN), which could spell disaster for the rest of the country.  When will all the idiots out there realise that we are lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to our internet infrastructure.

Just to get the petty stuff out of the way…. why the hell have they even said “Banned”?  What, is the government going to scourge the land search for anyone who may have a fiber optic connection, and send them to jail for it?  What sensationalist narrow minded bullshit.

Do politicians even know what an internet connection is?  Stephen Conroy continually proves he has no clue about his own portfolio as Communications Minister.  Don’t they realise, that while fiber may be an expensive initial outlay, it will give us capability to transfer data at very high speeds, for a very long time to come.  Instead the shortsighted wankers will feed bucket loads of cash to Telstra and competing telcos, to patch up and already dated network.  What do they care – they will most likely be out of office in 4 years, so it wont be their problem.

So, to really hammer the point home (because it seems people’s heads are so far up their arses they cannot hear anything but their own voice), there are 43 countries around the world with a faster and probably much better quality service.  These countries include many obscure places you would probably think are third world – like Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine, Ghana, Faroe Islands, Vietnam… need I keep going?

Also, do any of these self serving assholes have kids?  You only have to walk down the street and see all the mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc in use these days.  Do the politicians not realise that our kids are growing up with an internet connection in their hands.  Each one of them will be streaming video, music, etc, and as more and more people become “internet savvy”, and more of these online services become available (would anyone like to see Hulu in Australia?), our already bogged down network will be brought to its knees due to lack of foresight.

Here are a few stats:

  • Number of Connections:  We are #11 when it comes to the number of people connected to the internet.
  • Speed: We are listed as #44 in the world, on this site.  Our internet connections are that much slower than everyone else listed.
  • We are approximately 7% below the average world internet speed
  • Our average internet speed is approximately 75% SLOWER than the top performing country – South Korea
  • Also in terms of speed, the average of the top 10 countries is 24.24 Mbps (Mega Bits Per Second).  Australia’s average is 8.01 Mbps.
  • We are approximately 67% SLOWER than the average of the top 10 countries in terms of internet speed.

As the saying goes, we get the government we deserve.  Seems we deserve as backwards thinking, narrow minded, ignorant government.

Do you still think Australia is “the lucky country”?  If you consider #44 in the world to be lucky then I’d love to have some of what you are smoking.

Cyclone Yasi Part 3: Return of the Disorganisation (aka Why So Disorganised?)

joker-1 (Small)Oh, before I get onto a cynical spin, I would like to say I was pleased that just about everyone stayed so safe.  Being an ex-NQ guy myself (Cairns and Townsville), Ive seen the mixture of panic and apathy the public presents when a Cyclone looms. It looks like the North Queenslanders may have paid attention to the cyclone preparation.

Now, on to the real cynicism 😉

It’s all rather self serving. Ie.  If the government and the media have exaggerated the danger presented to start with, then after the threat passes we find less damage and problems than they told us would occur, people will automatically assume that they did an excellent job and that’s kept people safe.  When in reality there was less danger to start with…

I thought I’d check off all the usual stuff that happens after a cyclone (some mentioned in a previous post):

Other things that always happen after a cyclone, that I didn’t put in the post (they are so obvious it’s probably not worth mentioning, but I will just for completeness 😛

You’d think by now they would be pretty well versed in how to respond to a disaster in North Queensland by now, especially after Cyclone Tracy, Cyclone Larry, and many others.  But, I have a friend who has registered to volunteer with the cleanup etc, but as yet none of the organisations (he registered with multiple) have not called him back, even just to tell him whats going on, let alone to tell him to head to North Queensland to clean up after Cyclone Yasi.

Maybe someone should point out to Gillard and team that they could probably set up a template in their preferred word processor software?  😉

Cyclone Yasi – Part 2 (Yasi Strikes Back)

Photo of damage from cyclone Yasi in Innisfail

Capture from the web cam feed in Innsifail after Cyclone Yasi @ 8:30am

Well, I’m hearing news reports of trees being blown around “like matchsticks”, but can’t say this photo shows anywhere near that damage.  And whomever set up the web cam either has a good generator and fair amount of fuel, or they didn’t lose power? Even that wooden fence has stayed standing… good to hear it wasn’t as bad as all the media channels were “predicting” (hyping up more like it).

ABC was also reporting that so far there have been no lives lost to Cyclone Yasi.  Great news 🙂

Everyone I know in Townsville and Cairns are reporting less damage than expected, and so far I haven’t heard of anyone I know having any major problems.

Cyclone Yasi Part 1: Cyclone Yasi (2011) vs Cyclone Olivia (1996)

Fark, I’m already over cyclone-friggin Yasi and it hasn’t even gotten to the coast yet.  Talk about people getting all hyped up…. Not to say that its not serious and that it will cause major problems, but seriously, does the media need to bash it so much when its not even here yet?

I think people just love drama and this is better to them than any reality tv show, because people might die! And houses will be destroyed! I have had so many ICQ’s, facebook messages etc about it and how terrible it is…

…But checking YouTube shows a very different picture… just a bit of wind and rain.  Even a live stream on UStream from Innisfail shows there is barely any wind worth mentioning.  Looks like the rain is picking up though (@ 7:20pm EST).

In looking at past cyclones, I saw that a world record, in terms of wind speed, was claimed by Cyclone Olivia.  Anyone remember that one?  Just because it crossed over a less populated area, it didn’t seem to make many headlines, not compared to the barrage of sensationalism the media is vomiting out already for Yasi.

Just to highlight how much the media is making a spectacle out of this, and for those that want to go on about how big it is, have a look at this comparing the two (copyright remains that of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology of course):

Cyclone Yasi (2011) vs Cyclone Olivia (1996)

Not much difference in size eh?

How about people pull their heads in, calm down, free up the phone lines for emergency personnel, and wait until something happens before getting all worked up….

I wonder how many people have died in the last 24 hours in situations that probably wont even make the news.  Just to really push the point, Heart Disease apparently kills 500,000 Americans each year (and that’s the conservative number from the website).  Thats 1,369 people per day, 57 per hour, or nearly 1 every minute.  How often do you see this kind of media blitz for Heart Disease?  Hell, there are over 2,100 suicides (2005 statistics) in Australia each year, or over 5 per day.  Where is the government support, financial aid etc for them and their families?

BTW, if you have a problem with this post, let me know 😉

*shakes head*

Update @ 10pm EST:  The UStream feed from Innisfail is still going strong (occasional drop out), so things cant be too bad yet.  I do hope people in the area are tucked away somewhere safe by now.

Oh, and I’m calling it now:  We will be hearing about this for months and months (years?) – the politicians will be fighting over payments / relief to the area, there will be whingers who will get their 15 minutes of fame because a tree blew over on their house while they were in it, postage/freight problems, electricity problems, the council not cleaning up enough quick enough, should the tax payers help foot the bill, insurance companies wont pay out because they’ll argue flooding (which most people aren’t covered for), charity ribbons and crap like that, telethons, relief concerts, looters, scum suckers who will abuse the relief funds…. should I keep going?

Australia Post – Encouraging us to Gamble and Increase Debt?!

Since Ive moved to Tasmania, I’ve set up a mail redirection service with Australia Post. As part of this service, they have started sending me junk mail.

Thats bad enough, but what has me totally gobsmacked is that the junk mail I have received so far has been from the notorious Citibank, offering me a huge amount of credit with no checks on my financial situation (or at least without my permission), as well as a letter offering me information and an application for a Tatts card. The Tatts card can be used to buy lotto tickets etc (which is really just another form of gambling).

To further illustrate the point – I know someone who at one stage had been unemployed for 18 months, and Citibank offered them a $25,000 credit card, when this person knew they could never meet the payments if they got the card.

I don’t get it?! Why the hell would an Australian Government organisation be offering the public deals to encourage gambling, and encouraging us to go into huge amounts of debt? Especially in the current financial climate.

This country is going down the drain faster and faster… I really am starting to feel that this is no longer the ‘Lucky Country’

** UPDATE: So, I need to add stupidity to the blatant oversight by Australia Post… After asking them to stop mailing me this rubbish, they send me ANOTHER Tatts Card.  Either that’s some poor management, or the Australian Government wants us financially down the toilet…

More on the Great Firewall of Australia

Well – seems that we are well on the way to being a communist country… not that Communism is necessarily a bad thing, but the amount of controls the Australian Government wants to impose on us is getting scary.  Im really dissapointed with “the lucky country”, when these types of controls being put in place say either that the Australian Government believes we cannot make educated decisions for ourselves, or that they believe they should control much more of what we do and say.  Or, maybe they are just stupid and short sighted?

A few of the highlights:

What I Have Learned So Far…

I thought I would start recording all the things I have learned about life, maybe in an effort to clear my head a bit.  Maybe as a bit of an experiment… Also a way to vent my frustrations at the world… whatever the reason, here they are.  In no particular order…

  1. People are selfish and rude
  2. Not everyone is selfish and rude, but most are.  A few will surprise you
  3. Ignorance really is bliss
  4. No matter how much you try to prepare for something, something you hadn’t thought of will almost always happen
  5. People are deluded and do not live in reality
  6. Living in reality sucks, and thus why people delude themselves
  7. The world isnt as nice and as good as people will have you believe
  8. Most people take and dont give
  9. When someone strenuously objects to something, its usually because its true
  10. People often project their problems onto others (Transference)
  11. If you want to see the worst in people, go for a drive when traffic is busiest
  12. If you want to see the best in people, look at a disaster, war, or other tragedy.  Difficulty, trouble, and adversity seems to bring people together.
  13. People like drama and trouble, and thats why ‘Reality TV’ is popular
  14. There is no one path in life, everyone has their own, and some are easier than others
  15. Dont judge someone too quickly, but trust your instincts
  16. People love to talk about themselves, and don’t want to hear about you very often
  17. If you are nice to others, and helpful, you will get used by most people
  18. Women are selfish, ambiguous, confusing, have no idea of their emotions
  19. Complimenting people just makes them arrogant and self centered, and you will not be appreciated or respected for it.  You will just get used.
  20. Everyone lies, even to those that may matter.
  21. The few who do not lie do not get respected for it
  22. People mostly only care about themselves.  If they care about someone else, its only usually only to pad their own ego
  23. Love makes you vulnerable and weak, and you will be exploited for it, or it will be thrown in your face