Game Shortcut Manager Released

Game Shortcut Manager Icon

Game Shortcut Manager is a FREE and Open Source Windows application to allow you to place URL links on your Start Menu and Task Bar, as Windows 10 currently does not allow you to pin them to these locations.

Currently there is no way of adding these links to the Start Menu and Taskbar, while still launching via the correct platform. This means that Overlays, tracking of Play Time, and other information is not available to the game’s platform. Launching the game or application via the EXE file will not do this. This is where Game Shortcut Manager comes in.

This tool is designed to to let you put standard URLs, Steam, Epic, UPlay, and Twitch URLs on the Windows Start Menu, and Task Bar.

Basically, you can add a link to any standard URL, Game or App to the Start Menu and Taskbar, while still using the correct platform to launch the URL / Game / Application.

For more information and to download the latest version, visit the Game Shortcut Manager Page

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