Solution/Fix: Problem with Windows 10 Volume too Quiet at 100%

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If you are having trouble with Windows 10 volume too quiet at 100%, then this simple fix might be the solution you are looking for.

TL;DR: Turn OFF Virtual Surround in the Sound Control Panel Enhancements

  1. Right Click on the speaker in the System Tray (bottom right near the time)
  2. Choose Sound Settings
  3. Expand the width of this window until you can see the Sound Control Panel link on the right
  4. Click on the Sound Control Panel link
  5. Select the Speakers, or whatever sound device you are having trouble with
  6. Click the Properties button
  7. Click on the Enhancements tab
  8. **Turn OFF Virtual Surround**, as per the picture below
  9. You can change or leave the other settings as you prefer.
  10. Press OK and you are done!

You should no longer have problems with Windows 10 volume too quiet at 100%!

Speaker Properties Window

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