The Easy Skin Shader for Blender

I have released a new Shader for Blender which will allow people to quickly set up a skin material, without most of the usual work that has to be done.

The Easy Skin Shader is now available here!
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Creating a realistic character in a scene is always a challenge, getting the appearance and colour right for even minor figures is difficult. Making textures for models is time consuming, expensive, and then needs to be varied for each specific use.

Comparison between the Original textures, and the Easy Skin Shader

The Easy Skin Shader is a fully procedural tool for Blender that allows you to quickly set up the skin material you want, with enough flexibility to create a wide range of appearances, and to be able to quickly change it as you need.

It has enough detail for close up renders, and can easily be mixed with basic black and white maps to create quite realistic results.


  • Fully Procedural (no images needed)
  • One value for age effects
  • Human skin tones
  • Adjustable bump depth / height
  • Adjustable sweat
  • Tint skin to any colour
  • Freckles and Pores
  • Ambient Occlusion (AO) for Cycles
  • Includes a Fast shader, and a Full shader
  • Designed in Blender Cycles X
  • Compatible with Blender 2.8+

The Easy Skin Shader is now available here!
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The pack comes with the Fast/Simple shader, the Full shader, and the Ambient Occlusion (AO) group.

The head model is courtesy of The 3D Scan Store.

Terragen 2 – Where Art Meets Maths

I finally had some time to start learning how to use Planetside’s Terragen 2.  Its an amazingly realistic landscape / scenery renderer that excels at creating realistic lanscapes and skies.  Best of all, its free!

Here are a couple of my first scenes that Im fairly happy with – enjoy!

Cloudscape over mountains
Above The Clouds – 2010

Lakeside – 2010