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LAWC IconThis is a FREE handy tool which will allow you to change your wallpaper images, not only just at random, but it will also adjust the images for a Day / Night cycle which can be set to any time you want. LAWC stores the library of pictures catalogued from user selected folders, and will select wallpapers from those images. If you have multiple monitors, each screen gets a separate image.

It also supports multi-monitors, showing different images on each screen, as well as many more features (See below).

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Timelapse Demonstration

btn_donateCC_LGPlease support this app, and my time, by donating whatever $ you can spare.  I would like to keep LAWC Ad and annoyance free. Donated So Far: $10


  • There are bugs (see the Current Bug list below).
  • If you have any questions or (constructive!) thoughts, or find any problems, please let me know in the comments.
  • Some features listed below will depend on the settings you choose.  Eg. if you pick non sky toned colour for Light times, and a dark orange for the Dark times, you may not get any improvement in assisting with sleep issues.  It also may vary from person to person.


  • May assist with sleeping issues (adjust colour and brightness of images to match sleep patterns)
  • May improve alertness
  • Catalogues folders in different locations
  • Detects average image brightness and allows you to filter out brighter and darker pictures
  • Filter out images based on the following:
    • File size
    • Image dimensions (height and width)
    • Brightness (minimum and maximum)
    • Aspect Ratio – filter out excessively tall or wide images
  • Can adjust the background colours based on the times specified
  • Sets different images on each screen / monitor (Multi-Monitor support)
  • Enable / disable images on individual screens
  • Automatically adjusts the image sizes to suit each screen / monitor
  • Attract less bugs to your screens at night
  • Manage images (remove, rename)
  • Adjust toolbar / window border colours based on the times specified
  • Change the wallpaper with global customizable shortcut. Default: CTRL + ALT + C
  • Add Event notices which can appear over the current wallpaper, and/or replace the current wallpaper with one that you have pre-set. Eg. If the CPU temperature gets over a chosen level, then a message and/or and image is displayed. NOTE: the image appearing on events occuring is currently not implemented.


  • Windows 10, 32 or 64 Bit
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 (Note: This should be installed with Windows Update)
  • Minimum 15mb Ram (Approx 60mb Ram for 25,000 images)
  • Minimum 10mb Disk space (approx 16mb Disk space for the data for 25,000 images)
  • Any modern processor (depends on how many images you want to have in the database, their resolution, and many other things as to how slow it will be!)

Possible Enhancements

Let me know in the comments below which features you are most interested in (these or any others you might have):

  • Better error handling – Reporting errors
  • Web cam light detector
  • Check data availability of sunrise and sunset times
  • Multiple time changes beyond dark / light
  • Adjust image settings during the light stage
  • Interface to fade nicely from dark to light and light to dark
  • Randomize / fuzzy time? Any point?
  • Showing same picture on all screens
  • NSFW category on folders – only show during suggested light phase
  • Theme / Group folders together
  • Improve Settings screen layout
  • Events:
    • Manual sort order
    • Colored Text
    • Custom size and position
    • Add weather information / “Sensors” – Temp, Wind speed, Humidity, UV Index
    • Add an option for 3 hour forecast data (Only current values are used ATM)

Articles / References

This is some of the info that helped inspire some of the features in LAWC:

Known Bugs

  • Untested on different versions of Windows 7/8 (ie. Aero vs Non Aero, etc). Currently not working in 7 due to Dot Net compatibility issues.
  • Enabled / Disabled folder entries are not coloured correctly on redrawing the list
  • Interface can take a few seconds to draw with long lists of images on start-up and after restoring from minimize
  • Displays incorrectly when the default Windows DPI size is changed from 100%

Recent Improvements

2018-11-27  Version

  • Heaps of improvements and bug fixes

2014-08-13  Version

  • Bug fixes and clean ups
  • Added checking folders on start-up
  • Added Reset Settings option


  • To open (and delete, rotate, etc) an image currently displayed on your wallpaper, right click on the sample / preview image in the bottom right hand corner of the main screen, and pick the screen that has the image you are interested in, then the image should open in your default program (eg. Picture Viewer).
  • You can enable / disable showing of images on particular screens / monitors under Settings – Screens tab – then selecting the screens that will show wallpaper images

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • None: Please feel free to ask questions in the comments area below

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